My Travel Beauty Essentials

I’m not one of those travelers who is capable of leaving their beauty bag back home. As much as I’d like to be fresh-faced and free up some space in my carry-on, even while traveling, I still like to put my best face forward. However, I don’t carry with me my full arsenal of beauty products. I swap out easy-to-break items like perfumes for solid fragrances, and stock up on sample sizes at Sephora or Target and pack products with several purposes (hello, BB creams!)

With no further ado, these are my travel beauty essentials:

Travel Beauty Essentials

Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are essential, but full-sized brushes take up too much suitcase real estate. Pick up a travel-size set of brushes. This set by NARS features a blush brush, 2 eye-shadow brushes and an eyeliner brush. What more could you need?

NARS Cosmetics travel makeup brush €56 -

BB Cream

I’m a huge fan of Smashbox products. Though their prices can be a bit steep, they’re high quality products, and the brand is constantly introducing inventive beauty products to the market. With the BB Cream craze at an all-time high, every brand has their own version, but I really love Smashbox’s because it includes its awesome primer in the formula and mattifies my face. While the regular-sized BB Cream has a wider range of colors, this version is travel-sized.

Smashbox travel makeup €15 -

Eye-shadow Palette

I have the full-sized set of the Naked II palette and it’s the only palette I use. This set is so appealing for travel as it has neutral shades that are great for daytime and darker, sultrier shadows for a night out in a new city.

Urban decay eyeshadow €24 -

Solid Perfume

I always hesitate to bring glass in my bag, even if it’s my carry-on, because I’m always worried something is going to break. Since perfume is almost always in a glass bottle, I now use solid perfumes when I travel. The best thing about this solid perfume from Lush? You don’t have to use your fingers to apply it, as it’s in a stick-form.

Fragrance €8,19 -

Clarisonic Cleansing System

The Clarisonic has been nothing short of a miracle for my acne-prone, oily skin. I actually look forward to washing my face as it feels like I’m getting a mini-facial, and it cleans my skin like nothing I’ve ever tried before. I’ve tried countless products that others have raved about with lackluster results, but I swear, the Clarisonic is well worth the hype. I saw major changes in my skin after just days of using it. Not to mention, this is the travel-friendly version (which I own) that comes with a case, charger and TSA-friendly-sized cleanser. Win-win!

Clarisonic €110 -

Dry Shampoo

Shampooing your hair daily takes its toll on your locks, so I love to throw in a mini dry shampoo to soak up the oil and give my hair body on days that I don’t shampoo it.

Oscar blandi €8,23 -


Multi-use products are the holy grail of beauty travel essentials. This superbalm by Liz Earle can be slathered on dry hands and cuticles, used to butter up your pout or to soften and smooth skin. No need to take an array of moisturizers and creams!

Liz Earle beauty product €19 -

Let me know in the comments; what are your travel beauty essentials?

Author: Christine

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  1. Like you, I have to have my own products with me. I always keep travel size products in my travel case so that packing is quick and easy.

    (I’ve been hearing a lot about this Clarisonic and I’m thinking I might need to give it a try!)
    Jay recently posted…The Strahov Monastery – PragueMy Profile

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    • I had heard so much about Clarisonic before too, not just online but from friends and family too. It’s a great product, and even those with sensitive skin can use it. I’m so in love with it!

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  2. Great post! I do the same when I travel: I stock up on mini-sized stuff and I’m also very addicted to solid perfumes. I haven’t tried that lush one, but the ones that L’Occitane makes are pretty good (although you need your fingers to apply them). I do recommend Sensilis’s moisturizer on a stick-form. It’s really good!
    Never tried dry shampoos but I might give it a try sometime soon ;)

    Madaboutravel recently posted…Mad About Travel: un cambio de look en el blogMy Profile

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    • Ooh moisturizer in stick-form! I’ll have to check that out–thanks!

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    • I’ve heard about Lush’s solid shampoo, I’ll definitely have to try it sometime. BB Creams are a multi-purpose cream. Usually they act like a tinted moisturizer, primer, SPF and more in one, eliminating the need to use a bunch of different products.

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    • I can’t even pretend to be the “low maintenance backpacker” because I am so far from it! Isn’t Naked 2 amazing?!

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  3. I’m going on a trip to Spain soon and have been wondering about what the best cosmetic products might be to bring. Thanks for the suggestions!
    Mimsie recently posted…K-Pop and the Future of KoreaMy Profile

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    • Don’t worry, you’ll find almost every mainstream brand here..and there is Sephora! I do like to tuck away these little essentials on weekend trips though!

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    • I love reading your reviews of beauty products you’ve found in South Korea…I would drop some serious dough if I lived there! Will have to try Laura Mercier…seems like a cult-favorite!

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  4. what a wonderful idea for a post, its really great to see which products you bring with you :)

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    • Thanks! I hope all of the other girly-girl travelers out there will get some use out of it :)

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