Travel Photo Editing For Absolute Beginners

My photos of the places I’ve traveled to will always remain among my most treasured souvenirs of a place. They’re unique to me, as the photos reflect the places and people I’ve seen through my eye alone. When I get home, I’m excited to go through them, and hand-pick the shots I want to edit. This process of looking back on them never fails to bring me right back to the moment I took the shot; it’s an amazing way to relive a memory you’re not sure you’re going to have again.

I don’t claim to be an expert photographer, au contraire, I’m still learning LOTS about photography. However, I do have the basics down, and I think if you own a camera, whether it be a DSLR or a point-and-shoot, you should know the basics of editing your photos.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, arm yourself with photo editing software. For beginners I’d recommend starting with free software like Picasa, PicMonkey or Aviary before investing in more advanced programs like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

Next, put the software to use and start making basic fixes. Let’s start with Auto Levels/Auto Color. A quick click of the mouse can warm up or cool down your image, slightly enhancing it for an overall more appealing look.

Also play around with Hue/Saturation. Saturation will inject more color into the image and hue will change the color. In the image above, I hit the Auto Adjust button, which is an overall fix to the image, and upped the saturation. Talk about quick fix!

Another simple way to take your photo from drab to fab is to play with Brightness/Contrast settings. A lot of beginners’ photos straight out of the camera will be underexposed and dull. Play around with exposure and liven up your image!

The more photos you take, the more your eye for framing and composition will develop.However, sometimes we just don’t get it right when we take the picture, so that’s when Cropping/Rotating will be of use. What should you crop out of photos? Anything that is distracting from the focus of the image. 

I made just a slight crop on this image because the person on the right is distracting.

Though these techniques are basic, if you employ these slight alterations to your photos, you’ll have something to look back on that you’ll be proud of long after your vacation is over.

Author: Christine

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