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After a few blissful months of sunbathing on the beach and dips in the pool, balanced out with a healthy workload and visiting family to keep me busy, September has arrived. In Spain, that means the best part of the year is coming to a close. Schools are starting up, businesses resume their normal hours, and beaches lose their sun-baked crowds.

Summer in Spain is undoubtedly my favorite part of the year, and when September shows up, I always feel a bit of mourning because fall doesn’t really happen in my part of Andalucía. The leaves don’t change colors, there is no Halloween or Thanksgiving to look forward to—summer just slowly evaporates until suddenly I’m shivering in my apartment with 10 layers on and no central heating.

So let me take a moment to reflect on what I’ll miss about the Andalusian summer, because who knows how many I have left.

I’ll miss balmy nights strolling around the boardwalk at the beach and bartering at the evening market for handmade jewelry finds.

I’ll miss my daily uniform of dresses, bikinis, sandals and/or wedges.

I’ll miss the sun that doesn’t set til 10pm.

I’ll miss trying out a new beach every chance I got.

I’ll miss the freshest salad imaginable, and sweet, crisp watermelon for dessert.

I’ll miss splitting bottles of Rioja wine over a dinner of tapas.

I’ll miss late nights, open-air parties and rooftop drinks.

I’ll miss the ferias.

What will you miss most about summer?

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Author: Christine

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