Guest Post: Tips to enjoy stress-free travel around Europe

Seeing the world and taking in as many different cultures and customs is an amazing experience and that well-worn saying that travel broadens the mind is certainly true. 

Here are a few pointers to remember for anyone about to embark on a special trip around Europe that are designed to ensure your break goes as smoothly as possible:

Invest in insurance

Never leave home without travel insurance. It really isn’t worth taking the risk of thinking you can do without it because we’ve all heard or experienced at first-hand the different holiday horror stories that can occur. Something as cheap and straightforward as a worldwide travel insurance policy can safeguard you and your belongings and leave you safe in the knowledge that if you lose your luggage or your flights are cancelled then there’s a safety net in place to protect you.

Enjoy net gains

Booking in advance online for things like flights and accommodation usually results in decent discounts and that’s money you can reinvest back into making your trip away extra special. Hotel chains and airline companies are all too happy to reward customers for booking months in advance with money-off incentives. Booking up early for things will also help to spread the cost of your getaway, which reduces the chances of going into debt to fund a holiday in Europe.

Do plenty of research

Knowledge is power, especially if you’re out and about exploring new and exciting places. Learn as much as you can about a particular place as possible to make it easier to acclimatise to your new surroundings. Check out online forums where other fellow travellers may have a few hints and tips to pass on and also try and teach yourself a few basic phrases in a foreign tongue as this’ll help you to get along with the locals.

Don’t pack the kitchen sink

The last thing you want if you’re moving from one place to the next is to be lumbered with a big suitcase packed with pretty much anything and everything you can stuff into it. Try and travel light, or at least as light as possible. Packing an item such as travel wash means you’ll be able to wash and reuse clothing, which in turn means you don’t have to pack as much. Also remember to take essentials like insect repellent and sunscreen. 

Be savvy with your money

Think carefully about when and where you change currency in Europe because the rate of exchange can differ quite drastically. For instance, avoid getting money changed in airports as they are notorious for offering a poor rate of exchange, which of course means you get less in return. Euros are also not excepted in every country in Europe – they are not in England, for example – so be sure to find out what is legal tender in the country you intend to visit. 

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