You Know You’ve Been in Spain Awhile When…

What are the telltale signs you’ve been in Spain too long? That you’ve survived the hordes of tourists you may have been once associated with, and staked out your claim in this beautiful country? How do you know when you’ve “made it” as an expat?

Well, you know you’ve been in Spain too long when…

Crunchy jeans as a result of line-drying no longer bothers you.

You walk more than you drive. (In my case, a LOT more.)

Vacuum? What vacuum? That’s what a mop is for.

You’re walking in heels on those scary cobblestone streets that once intimidated you.

Staying out until sunrise isn’t out of the norm on weekends.

You don’t think twice about eating dinner at 10pm or later.

You’ve mastered the art of cooking a perfect tortilla española.

You mix your wine with (almost) everything.

You’ve given up the battle and drink UHT milk, but only with Nesquik (or Colacao)

You no longer have to merely dream of Spain holidays , because you live there!

You’ve prepared for winter with no central heating by wearing extra layers and having lots of blanket on hand.

You schedule things around when ‘your’ team is playing, because game-time takes precedence.

Your ham and olive oil intake has tripled. Easily.

Your love for wine has not only seriously increased, but you now prefer red over white, and can locate a great-quality, affordable bottle in less than 30 seconds in the store.

You now can’t imagine your life without tapeando.

All of the sudden, you are a bit snobbish about food after being treated to eating some of the world’s best cuisine for extended periods of time.

You give people los dos besos when you go home for a visit and get weird looks. Oops.

You forget words in English, and your colloquial English is practically non-existent.

Hey expats—what tells you you’ve been in Spain awhile?

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Author: Christine

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  1. I’ve been here so long that I support Spanish sports teams and sports people in general. They’re much more familiar to me now. The other day I was rooting for Verdasco to beat Murray. Don’t lynch me!

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