Maintaining Your Motorhome in Winter

Winter is a great time to start checking over your motorhome, as generally it will be getting less use. Even if you haven’t had any obvious problems with your vehicle, there are a few things that you should look over this winter, so hopefully your pride and joy will be ready for Spain next season!

Protecting it from the frost

During the colder months, the water will freeze, so make sure you have drained any leftover water from the vehicle. Drain all the water tanks, water boiler and leave them open. Run your taps and then turn off the pump, but still leave the taps open – this will drain all excess water from the pipes, and protect you from any unwelcome damages when the temperatures drop.

Check your insurance

Take the opportunity to review your insurance, and to make sure it is still what you are looking for. Comfort insurance provides tailor-made packages for motorhome owners so you can always make sure you are getting the best cover for you.

Empty the vehicle

When you aren’t using your motorhome for long periods of time, it is a good idea to take everything out. Even items such as duvets, which you may leave in permanently in the summer should be removed, as they can fall victim to mildew in the winter. If possible, move sofa cushions away from the edges of the vehicle too, and check in all the cupboards for items and food you may have forgotten you stored away!

Keep it running

In the colder months, it might seem tempting to leave your motorhome parked for long periods and forget about it until the summer. However, it is advisable to take the vehicle for a run every one to two weeks to make sure the battery doesn’t become flat, and to check everything is running correctly. Flat batteries may never run properly again if they are kept like this for prolonged periods of time. Why not use the opportunity to go out somewhere nice for the day, even if the weather isn’t perfect? If you don’t want to make a day of it though, a half an hour to hour run should keep the engine running nicely.

If you are going to be parking it for long periods of time, consider taking the handbrake off, leaving the vehicle in gear and securing the motorhome with strong chocks instead. This will help to take the strain off the handbrake, preventing seizing.

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Author: Christine

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